When you eat natural, you’re automatically eating healthy. It’s that simple.

The difference between natural and artificial or synthetic food is the chemicals added. Packaged or processed foods are usually loaded with more than 600 chemicals. These chemicals are used as preservatives, artificial flavour enhancers, colouring, and sugars. You wouldn’t have a spoonful of canned soup if the label said it was butylated hydroxyanisole or sodium benzoate, would you?

There are several reports that directly connect preserved and heavily processed foods to obesity, heart disease, and even cancer. Yes, CANCER!

With natural food – stuff that isn’t packed with chemicals, added sugars, preservatives or even taste-enhancers, you give your body the nutrition it needs; reduce the risk of these grave illnesses, and live a happy healthy lifestyle!

Here’s a simpler look at what’s inside processed foods and how they can affect your body…

Why Natural